Do not be afraid after seeing the main menu. If you complete the four first levels all next levels will be better. This game show that music, design, art and programming must work together to make the game work. Move with the arrow keys and jump with space to see the pieces of game dev.It's possible that you will have a small bug - the cursor istn't visible. You schould also reduce the browser size.


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Wow, really nice game! I beat all the levels but the sound level. Really difficult

It's cool that you like the game. Try go master the music level and get the prize - four better levels.

Thanks for the feedback!


Certainly a difficult game, and some good art as well! Perhaps work on the UI a bit, and the music. That would make it excellent! 

Do you mean the first or the second level?

I mean the whole game

The first levels was supposed to be bad. I'm not good at making music, so I take it from the web.

Thanks for the feedback!


Very cool concept and very difficult! oh boy did i get super meat boy flash back sweats haha.  Like kypello I wasnt able to finish programming, not saying it is a bad thing I just lack the "programming skills" lol. 

Thanks for the feedback! Such opinions motivate me very much.

Try to improve your "programming skills".


Cool game. I like the minimalist art design. I think the difficulty is a little unbalanced, like the programming level is wayyyyyy too hard, but the other three are more fair. I think a lot of game devs spend so much time testing their own game that they accidentally master it and make a difficulty which feels right for them, but is too challenging for a new player. I know this has happened to me a few times and I'm guessing you had something similar.

Besides that, the levels are all nicely put together. A few more unique levels would be nice but this is a jam after all. I think a few small details could definitely be added to give it some more polish. Even just a simple animation and sound effect when you jump would go a long way.

You're right about the level of difficulty, especially considering that I often play in platformers and I'm pretty good at them.

I plan to make an upgraded version with a few details and other levels.

Thanks for the feedback.


This game, unfortunately, suffers from one flaw that is indicative of bad programming and one that is indicative of bad design.

A. sub-minimal jump-responsiveness. (jump-response time is so inconsistent that it's merely a matter of luck on whether it jumps at all if you try a dead-start jump on the edge of a platform)

B. no anti-glitch check-points (too many times are you forced to restart an entire level due to problem A, or another glitch, killing you.)

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A. I don't want that you have the option to jump being too high above the ground.

B. For this project i had less time than a week, so I had to be fast and that is why i didn't made checkpoints.

Thanks for this criticism!
PS: The game should be as hard as game dev.