Help Mr Heart to find his beloved!


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I liked the drawing style a lot and the death animation looked very "juicy" as Blackthornprod would put it. Flute suited the story, I started swaying my head with the music haha. I sometimes had trouble with double jumping, not sure if it is my keyboard. Very nice game!

Thanks for this nice opinion!

I love the hand drawn game art, and the movement feels really good. Love it!

Really thanks for the feedback!

Well... it seems that you have the drawing skills like I do xD

Nevertheless you find something which fits to the theme. Not like me, who creates such a thing in this week instead, which can not be submitted:

You made a very nice game!

Thanks. I appreciate it.

It may sound like a joke to some people, but I like the visuals. The whole style fits the story very well. The story, the flute music, the 'childish' drawings... its like a kind and happy little book. It makes me wanna call my girlfriend and say cheesy things. 

Really thanks for that kind words!